Speak the Language of Water

Protect your home and industry form leaks. Conserve water. Prevent damage. Protect climate. Save money.

Join our team and help protect our most precious rescource.
The Most Accurate Leak Detection Solution

Adadk was found to be the most reliably accurate whole leak detection solution across multiple flow thresholds in a recent third-party study (95% precision). Read the full report>

A water leak has a 10 times greater risk of property damage than a fire. The average cost to repair water leak damage is $10000.

The average home leaks 10,000 gallons of water a year. The average load of laundry uses 32 gallons.

Together MENA households waste over 1 trillion gallons of water every year. That could provide water for 11 million + homes.

Globally, two out of every three people face a shortage of clean water. Together we can do something about it.

Become fluent in the water's language

Your home's plumbing system experiences pressure variations when you flush the toilet or water the lawn. Adadk analyzes 250 times per second, microscopic water pressure variations in high definition to identify the unique "voice" of each fixture in your home. As a result, Adadk recognizes a faucet when you turn it on. Adadk notifies you if the faucet leaks.

When we find a new planet, the first thing we search for is water. But it's the last thing on most of our thoughts. Yet it's the one thing we absolutely require to survive. Adadk shows us how we are using, and wasting water, and gives us the tools to address issues before they start.

Stop worrying about the hidden water leaks.

Adadk alerts you to all types of leaks and stops them before they become expensive problems – from pinhole and drip leaks happening behind your walls to frozen pipe bursts in your attic.

Unparalleled water insights

Get the information you need to make better choices about your water use. Spot trends of how much your showers, faucets and more are using.

Get more life out of your plumbing

The Adadk App gives you and your plumber the diagnostic tools to keep your home watertight. A healthy plumbing check based on your location and problem utilizing the App results in fewer leaks.


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