2 out of every 3 people may struggle to access clean water

Just a few years ago, UN Water published an alarming statistic—that in less than 20 years, two out of every three people on the planet could face a shortage of clean water. That possibility is now a reality, pushing some toward measures that sound straight out of science fiction. For example, the UAE has considered towing broken slabs of Antarctica's ice shelf across an ocean to Dubai to combat drought.

If we could all speak water

These challenges are what motivates our innovation at Adadk. We believe that by developing technology that allows us to listen to and understand our water, we can provide simple tools to empower every one of us to take action to protect our homes, our communities and our planet. We have a long, long history with water. And we have a bright future ahead if we all speak its language.

SpeakWater with Adadk

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